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A lot of times visitors are found facing problems navigating bigger websites with a massive sitemap. The mega menu rescues every visitor from facing an undesirable scene where they tend to remain stranded with a confused expression on their face. When the sitemap is vast and is yet to witness some more additions, misperceptions arise. The Mega Menu gets all of these sorted, subtly. This basically includes drop down menus helping users with additional navigation benefits. The dynamic approach involved allows visitors to reach out to the inner most page he/she may be looking for.  This mega menu is something in between the simpler and the extensive menus, user friendly and less problematic. The most significant factor that is going to put Mega Menu to the top level is its smart appearance giving better scope for designers to delve into creativity. The basic features of a mega drop down necessarily include:

  • one big panel, and everything is shown
  • a single large drop down appearing systematically
  • usage of icons as well as graphics
  • group options associated with related categories


Steps to be followed to integrate this plug in.

  • Get the plug-in
  • Login to your store admin panel
  • Go to Store front from left menu and select theme
  • Open desire file i.e, header.html.twig
  • Copy the snippet code given in the below section
  • Paste the snippet code in page, where you want to display
  • Go to Settings -> Megamenu Settings, you will find the default settings, you can update the settings accordingly.

Snippet Code

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