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Since most visitors are not aware of the best offerings your e-commerce website promises, they often tend to get confused while scrolling the multitude of choices available on the website. This is a major shortcoming that e-commerce business owners tend to ignore. Such wide array of options only adds to indecisiveness and confusion. Instead a more strategic way to approach the customer base is to filter choices for them and advertise the most sought after categories or products of the website. Give them the opportunity to send well structured promotional email of their store using Mailchimp plugin. The Mailchimp Plugin is basically an extension used on e-commerce websites in order to send structured emails of their promotional products and new offerings, this helps to send reminder to all subscribed customers about the latest offers and latest stocks in the store. . As the owner of the e-commerce website you can automatically integrate the plugin by passing api key and list id created on mailchimp, then you can automatically add users to the mailing list and vice versa you can subscribe them as well.   Check out the advantages of using a featured plugin:

  • Ease of Installation
  • Ensures no master file is being overwritten
  • Free Installation
  • Add it wherever possible


  • Get the plug-in
  • Go to Settings ->Mailcampaign Menu
  • Create a account on Mailchimp URL :
  • Create A Mail Campaign for which promotional mail will go there URL :
  • After Create Campaign then create a list in where users will be subscribed , LIST URL :,
  • Create List:
  • Now After Installing plugin on backend go to Settings -> Mailcampaign -> Add New Mail Campaign
  • Enter Campaign Name same as list Name
  • Enter API key from the url :
  • Enter List ID  from the url :{choose list for which you want LIST ID}
  • Select the users to send to subscribe list also choose the list for subscription from the popup.
  • Select Users to unsubscribe also choose the list from where you want to unsubscribe from the popup.
  • Go to Add user list
  • Select Users to add to mailing list
  • Choose list from the popup where you want to add the users
  • Add the users to list and then you can send campaign emails from mailchimp

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