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Building relations has always been the motto of Cartface, your prime ecommerce platform. The “User Specific Price” plugin has been developed with an aim to appreciate the customer base for choosing your products over and again. This special plugin is an initiative to entice customers with attractive prices on products. Unlike normal instances where customers hop into your online store to make a purchase, the User Specific Price application presents a special discounted price before regular or preferred customers. While customers who visit occasionally will be shown the default value of an item, those who ardently choose Cartface over other ecommerce platforms will be presented the special reduced price. The admin creates a group and adds name of regular buyers. Sometimes customers are individually given the opportunity to enjoy a reduced price, all with the help of the “User Specific Price”.


  • Get the plug-in
  • Login to your store admin panel
  • Find User Specific Price under Plugin Menu

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