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As a store owner, you are always looking forward to upscale the traffic and conversion rate of the store. Most of the store owners are looking for a thoughtful solution. The Latest product add-on plug-in will help the store owner’s stress upon the fresh stocks. The store owners can create a dedicated segment where they can add the new products in an organized manner. The proper segmentation and display can help the customers and visitors know what latest has hit the store and they can right-away pick the best offerings.


Steps to be followed to integrate this plug in.

  • Get the plug-in
  • Login to your store admin panel
  • Go to Store front from left menu and select theme
  • Open desire file (e.g.home.html.twig)
  • Copy the snippet code given in the below section
  • Paste the snippet code in page, where you want to display

Snippet Code

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