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As an owner of e-Commerce store, you have to give your customers an integrated and interactive interface to hold them on your e-Commerce website. Most of the customers these days are always looking for dynamism and customization. They want their shopping experience to reach a new level. In the first place, this pursuit is challenging to satisfy each and every customer. You can easily give a fresh breath to your e-Commerce store through the filter menu option. The filter menu option is truly unprecedented for your e-Commerce store. With the help of the filter menu option, you can instantly offer a customized interface to the customers. The products can be easily categorized based on their price, color and brand. When the customers are able to easily get what they are looking for, they would be aptly satisfied and willing to visit your e-Commerce store every now and then. Filter Menu Plug-In can easily make your e-Commerce store highly functional and promising for maximizing the sales and traffic.


Steps to be followed to integrate this plug in.

  • Get the plug-in.
  • Copy the snippet code given in the below section.
  • Login to your store admin panel.
  • Go to theme editor section which is under "Store Front" section in left panel. Then edit the active theme.
  • Open desire file under "views"  folder you want to implement the plugin (e.g.product.html.twig).
  • Paste the snippet code given below.
  • If the view file path is "views/product.html.twig" then paste the snippet code given below in the div with the class name "col-sm-3".
  • Modify css according to your theme

Snippet Code

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