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Shopping trends have undergone a dramatic change, now-a-days online shopping in a proliferatory concept gaining momentum in the lives of the people. Online shopping portals have made things easily available on the platter. But, often the humongous pressure exerted by the demand surpasses the supply and there are many items which go out of stock. As an e-Commerce business owner, you wouldn’t like to witness attrition of the customers. Through the back in stock notification feature availed on your products, you can easily target the right audience and enable them to use the product of their choice. Through the back in stock notification option, the lost sales can be easily followed and converted into saleable quantity. For e-Commerce business, the back in stock notification enables them to never lose a customer when the goods are not available.


Steps to be followed to add this plugin.

  • Get the plug-in
  • Login to your store admin panel
  • Go to Store front from left menu and select theme
  • Open desire file as mentioned
  • Copy the snippet code given in Section A Code in include/add-tocart.html.twig after the div with class name "devAddTocart"
  • Copy the snippet code given in Section B Code in product-details.html.twig after the line "<p style="color:red">Out Of Stock</p>"
  • Copy the snippet code given in Section C Code in include/product-attribute.html.twig. Search with the line "url: "{{ base_url('front/getproductattprice') }}". Add the Section C Code snippet code in the last line of success function of this ajax call.

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